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Welcome to the Dayton Spanish Academy. We are dedicated to be premier knowledge providers to build your skills for learning and teaching Spanish.

You are a parent or educator in the Dayton area looking to expand your child’s opportunities and teach them Spanish, but what’s the next step? The Dayton Spanish Academy’s mission is to provide you with the resources you’ll need. If you value the convenience and efficiency that web content is providing today, look no further than our online Spanish program. It is designed for Dayton-area youths to begin a lifelong relationship with the Spanish language and culture. It’s ideal for anyone in the Dayton area, including Kossuth Colony, Linden Heights, Five Oaks, Mt. Vernon, and Riverdale residents.

It is our goal to establish our very own, full-time Spanish instruction facility to serve all of Dayton’s Spanish-language needs. In the meantime, we hope to be working at local schools like Bell Haven, Eastmont School, Loos Elementary, Ruskin School, and World of Wonder to give Dayton youths a headstart learning Spanish. We may also be holding Spanish classes for beginners at area preschools, libraries, and family centers.

Are you a Dayton parent or educator with a child who wants to learn Spanish? Why is your child interested? What impact do you think our program will have on your child’s future? Let us know by filling out the box on the right.

We want to hear the input of Dayton’s Spanish teachers, tutors, and translators. What can we do in the community to help spread bilingual communication? What learning strategies work the best with children? Please leave your ideas in the feedback box on the right side of the page. 

Intermediate Level Spanish Test

Choose the Appropriate Word or Phrase

1. Francisco le quiere pedirle matrimonio a Eulalia que solamente habla español. Francisco debe decirle:
2. Rebeca se va a graduar el mes entrante y quisiera verse más alta el dia de su graduación, por lo tanto ella debería:

Complete the Sentence with the Appropriate Word

3. Después de que has estado trabajando todo el día y llegas a tu casa, tu mama te pregunta que cómo te sientes. La respuesta correcta es: Me _____________ cansada!